About Us

Introducing Dlux Smiles: Where Big Ideas Meet Family Values!

At Dlux Smiles Dental Agency, we are proud to introduce you to our founders, Rosanna and Carmelita Sanchez. Two incredibly talented sisters who have been making waves in the dental industry since 2008. Having gained invaluable experience as dental nurses, Rosanna and Carmelita were inspired to establish Dlux Smiles Dental Agency, a platform that aims to connect with like-minded individuals who share their positive mindset and are eager to make a meaningful impact in the world of dentistry.

About Us

We are driven by an unwavering dedication to empower the lives of nurses.
Together, we forge a path where the warmth of family, the kindness of nurses, and the Insight of business minds coexist harmoniously, enriching our lives and fostering a brighter future.
Experience the incredible power of collaboration! We take great pride in our exceptional team, which is nothing short of formidable.
Embrace Positivity, Uplift, and Smile - Our Motto to Live By!

Dlux Smiles Core Values

At our core, we are more than just a dental staffing agency. We are on a quest to discover remarkable individuals who not only possess outstanding skills in their dental profession but also have a hunger for personal and professional development. Our aim is to create a platform that not only offers career opportunities but also empowers and elevates lifestyles.

We believe in cultivating a nurturing atmosphere where our team can truly flourish and unleash their full potential. By doing so, we consistently deliver exceptional care and service to our esteemed clients, surpassing expectations and providing them with an unparalleled experience. – Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionise the dental industry together.

The foundation to our success.

Dlux Smiles dental agency is truly proud of our exceptional team, carefully curated over the years. Our lineup is nothing short of five-star, featuring an array of talented individuals, including compassionate and friendly general dental nurses, as well as expert sedation-trained nurse specialists.

Our administrative professionals are equally impressive, effortlessly juggling reception duties and ensuring smooth operations. We understand the importance of creating a warm, caring, and incredibly fun environment, and our team is fully committed to delivering just that. With their expertise and unwavering dedication, our team members strive to provide the highest quality customer care. At Dlux Smiles, we firmly believe that an outstanding team is the foundation of our success.

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